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The Technology

The starting point of any good telematics based insurance solution is believeable, reliable and accurate data.  Good news - at Fair Pay Insurance your data (technology) is driven by TomTom. 

Your Invisible Technology 

TomTom is reassuringly well known and respected.  Together with TomTom, we have harnessed their expertise and evolved a one-of-a-kind insurance solution available only via Fair Pay.

How The Technology Works

  1. A small (smartphone sized) GPS/telematics device, called TomTom LINK, is installed into your car.  Installed, mounted and calibrated by a trained professional.  The installation is quick, secure, convenient and totally discrete.
  2. This device records every movement of your car and communicates via Bluetooth with your TomTom navigation device.  Hence, no cables, no wires connecting your telematics device to your TomTom.  Even if your navigation device is off, it's still recording.
  3. The moment you turn on your navigation device, you are connected to your TomTom LINK device. They talk and provide you with real-time driving data unlike any other insurance scheme available today. Only at Fair Pay will you get 4 ways to learn, adapt, change and improve your driving behaviour - making you, your car, your fuel and your insurance more efficient.

4 ways to learn, adapt and improve your driving behaviours

  1. Real-time:  You receive real-time feedback on your navigation device, immediately after an event (such as harsh cornering, braking) allowing you to adapt your driving behaviour without leaving your car.  This is unique to Fair Pay.
  2. 24/7 Dashboard:  Via the Fair Pay website, gain 24/7 access to your secure dashboard for more in-depth reporting. 
  3. TomTom: For even more in-depth analysis / reporting on your driving data, you have access to a wealth of TomTom reporting tools, such as email reporting
  4. eMail reporting:  Set up daily, weekly, monthly email reports from a wide suite of templates.  A great way to save time when filling out expense claim forms.

 At Fair Pay, you won't get any nasty surprises when it comes to your renewal! 


Your Visible Technology

Here’s a snapshot of the benefit’s driven by your TomTom navigation device

Stress free driving with:

  • Search & Go - tap into the World’s largest location database LIVE
  • TomTom HD Traffic - stay clear of delays, and know exactly when you're due to arrive
  • Advanced Lane Guidance - clear directions so you don't miss your turning 

Enhanced Safety with:

  • Speed Cameras Alerts
  • IQ Routes - Intelligent navigation to reduce your journey time

Want to know more about the company that powers our technology? Please visit business.tomtom.com/en_gb/


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