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Telematics Car Insurance

We use specialist telematics technology to help drive down the cost of your car insurance. BUT... what is telematics car insurance (a.k.a. black box insurance)?

It's really quite straight-forward. A telematics device is basically a smart-phone sized black box that sits underneath the dashboard of your car. Professionally fitted at a time/date convenient to you, the black box records a number of elements about your driving, including:

Braking patterns   /   Time    /    Types of roads the car is driven on    /    Speeding    /   Cornering patterns etc.  

So in essence Fair Pay's telematics car insurance is about giving you the tools to improve your driving... not just about cover whilst you drive. 

But How Does It Actually Work?

The whole telematics process is very straight-forward and can be split into a few simple steps:

1. The TomTom sat nav and black box are fitted in your car (the black box out of sight under the vehicle's dashboard)

2. Each time the vehicle is driven, the black box records your driving data and this is sent to us and your online dashboard. At the same-time, the TomTom in-car satnav will alert you of any driving events (real-time). 

3. If there are any driving events we will display the relevant information in your Fair Pay dashboard and also on your TomTom webfleet portal, which will allow you to see exactly where and why the alert took place.

Telematics car insurance from Fair Pay

By monitoring this data both yourself and Fair Pay can see how you have driven over the course of the year. If the data suggests that you are a good and careful driver with alerts (as a few are expected) you could be entitled to a significant discount at renewal.  So far, 75% of drivers that use our technology are offered a behavioural discount, on top of any NCD, at renewal.

What is a driving event and how is it scored?

A driving event is a behaviour which is considered reckless or less than safe - such as speeding, extreme braking or harsh cornering.  We score these events on a severity of 1 - 5.

Don't worry - we know that sometimes you will need to brake sharply, accelerate quickly etc to avoid accidents so we have built in a buffer/allowance to ensure you are not unduly penalised. 

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